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QUIZ: Can you name the movie in which the following actors appeared together?

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Forced Order
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James Stewart – Grace Kelly
Tony Curtis – Sidney Poitier
Bette Davis - Marilyn Monroe
Cary Grant - Peter Lorre
Charles Laughton – Marlene Dietrich
Elizabeth Taylor – James Dean
Humphrey Bogart – Ingrid Bergman
Montgomery Clift – Judy Garland
Gary Cooper – Anthony Perkins
Doris Day - Rex Harrison
Alec Guinness – William Holden
Audrey Hepburn – Shirley MacLaine
Robert Mitchum – Gregory Peck
Cary Grant – Grace Kelly
Rod Steiger – Alec Guinness
Humphrey Bogart - Fred MacMurray
James Stewart – Katharine Hepburn
Clark Gable - Olivia de Havilland
Joseph Cotten - Marilyn Monroe
Paul Newman – Elizabeth Taylor
Orson Welles – Edward G. Robinson
Glenn Ford - Sidney Poitier
Katharine Hepburn – Montgomery Clift
Marlon Brando – Lee J. Cobb
Robert Mitchum – Lilian Gish
Yul Brynner - Steve McQueen
Sterling Hayden - Peter Sellers
Spencer Tracy - Robert Ryan
Orson Welles - Rita Hayworth
Ingrid Bergman - Gregory Peck
Humphrey Bogart - Audrey Hepburn
Katharine Hepburn - Sidney Poitier
Marlene Dietrich – Spencer Tracy
Gloria Swanson - William Holden
Tony Curtis – Marilyn Monroe
Bette Davis – Peter Ustinov
Laurence Olivier – Charles Laughton
Paul Newman – Eva Marie Saint
Anthony Hopkins - John Hurt
Henry Fonda - Anthony Perkins
Clark Gable - Marilyn Monroe
Alec Guinness - David Niven
Gary Cooper – Grace Kelly
Lillian Gish - Bette Davis
Sidney Poitier - Rod Steiger
Henry Fonda – Walter Matthau
Spencer Tracy – Gene Kelly
Ingrid Bergman - Lauren Bacall
Leslie Howard - Vivien Leigh
Cary Grant - Audrey Hepburn

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