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Can you guess the outcomes of the duels these famous people were involved in? Enter A,B,N, or D per the instructions below*

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* A = first person listed was killed ... B = second person listed was killed ... N = NOBODY was killed ... D = the duel DIDN’T take place
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DuelAnswer (Enter A,B,N, or D)*Info
(A) Miguel de Cervantes vs. (B) Antonio Sigura
(A) Ben Jonson vs. (B) Gabriel Spenser
(A) Georg Friedrich Händel vs. (B) Johann Mattheson
(A) Peder Tordenskjold vs. (B) Jakob Axel Staël von Holstein
(A) William Pitt the Younger vs. (B) George Tierney
(A) Aaron Burr vs. (B) Alexander Hamilton
(A) Andrew Jackson vs. (B) Charles Dickinson
(A) Tsar Alexander I vs. (B) Klemens von Metternich
(A) Aleksandr Pushkin vs. (B) Georges d'Anthès
(A) Mikhail Lermontov vs. (B) Nikolai Martynov
(A) Abraham Lincoln vs. (B) James Shields
(A) Ferdinand Lassalle vs. (B) Count von Racowitza
(A) Édouard Manet vs. (B) Louis Edmond Duranty
(A) Marcel Proust vs. (B) Jean Lorrain
(A) Benito Mussolini vs. (B) Francisco Ciccotti
(A) Günther von Kluge vs. (B) Heinz Guderian
(A) Salvador Allende vs. (B) Raúl Rettig

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