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Shortcut to select entire row
Over reliance on other people to meet one’s emotional and physical needs
— —— is a journey not a destination
Pane that shows clips ,effects or transitions that are working with while creating our movie
This will promote the usage of eco friendly raw material and conserve energy
Type of internet hosting service that allows individuals and organisations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web.
Help you organise entire website to have a consistent look and feel
Freeware,Non linear, non composting and editing system
Offline,playback,editing,encoding,animation and visual effect tool...based on jashaka tech. Allows user to create pro. Digital media on desktop
A good inspiring———-touches everybody’s heart and can help create miracles
Shortcut to select entire worksheet
Green building offers a chance to be part of the solution to
—— is the act of conveying meanings from one entity or group to another through the use of mutually understood signs ,symbols and semiotic rules
They conduct audits determine how energy efficient the buildings are
——— determines what business activity an entrepreneur would take up to make financial gains
Best friends...
Gregarious and assertive are traits of
They oversee green activities in their organisations
Converts to Webm,mp4 and ogg...It provides all formats in a batch,embed code and flash fall back
Great tool for avi files...small executable size...allows you to join and split AVI files ...extract frames
Feeling extremely nervous and worried because you believe that other people do not like you or are trying to harm you
Compression restores and rebuilt the data in the original form after decompression
Free,Designed for simple cutting,filtering &encoding tasks..Supports AVI,DVD compatible MPEG files..tasks can be automated using projects ,job queue,powerful scripting
Pen standard for embedding vid. And img into website
Image almost always created by a drawing /CAD program and consists not of pixels but objects such as curves,shades and characters.
Entire worksheet
This business does not manufacture a good but only facilitates the act of bringing the finished goods from manufacturing unit to the buyer
Non linear,non destructive,AVI video editor...has reall time preview...makes cutting&joining footage easy
Condition in which people have a inflated sense of their own importance,a deep need for excessive attention and admiration and lack of empathy for others
Confidence,perseverance,independence,open mindedness make an
Basic software to edit video and audio files ..single package which bundles all free software from DVD can convert vid&aud files b/w diff. Formats burn and rip dvds
They design develop wind farm systems
Example of green tourism
Green tourism makes an optimal use of
The process that affects the website visibility or ranking when displaying search results
— percent of production cost can be reduced by using recycled materials rather than obtaining,refining and extracting brand new substance
A complex sentence is a sentence that combines one _________clause with at least one dependent clause.
Free video editor..for fast and lossless AVI editing..small,smart,easy to use...involves no encoding decoding process
View used to look at the sequence or ordering of the clips in your project and easily rearrange them
Who avoids interrupting at all costs ,summaries and repeats backs what he/she has heard and observes body language to get an extra level of understanding
They design and develop wind farm systems
Helps us to be mentally prepared to take that big leap forward
Self confidence,opportunistic ,initiator,goal setter , risk taking are
Free,open source,3D content creation suites ...under GNU general public license...allows you to edit,create 3D graphics,sound effects etc
Means that the start time of 2nd clip immediately follows the end time of the first clip
Feature that automatically provides you a list of codes and attributes as a pop up when you work in code view mode
Outputs to flash fly and swag format....provides ready HTML code&step by step instructions on how to embed converts the videos to html5 supported format ...only for window
By atomic to give teachers,students and home movie makers a tool to plan ahead when creating vid. Project...has ability to enter shot titles and descripti
This enables us to view individual clips or an entire project
Windows based converter for aud.and vid....outputs-flash,qucktime etc param are easily customisable embed code is provided
What is the shortcut key to insert current date in a cell?
The software which contains rows and columns is called
Select entire column
This is an exercise that entrepreneurs do to understand whether there is a market for what they have to offer
A lack of interest in social relationship and people tend to be distant,detached and indifferent
Face to face interactions is an example of
—— — people have elevated spirit and are full of positivity
Wizard program for windows and Mac ..helps insert video in a few clicks without writing a line of code ....To embed we need to add a vid. URL or drag and drop a desktop vid.
High performance and flexible video composting and special effects software ...can create 2d and 3D special effects....has two modes (1)standalone for beginners (2)plug-in
Stores and delivers the content for a website -such as text ,images ,video and application data-to clients that request it
The act of consciously choosing to hear . It requires concentration so the brain processes meanings from words and sentences
GUI that uses some programs to edit movie files ..uses keyboard shortcuts to make job of editing easier..meant for the kind of movies virtual dub wont
The process of developing a business plan , launching and running a business using innovation to meet customer needs and to make a profit
Free editor based on Studio..It doesn’t match the qualities of paid software but performs basic editing & output movies pretty easy
— —— phrase is a present participle (and its modifiers ) that acts like a noun
——— are very small images of slides printed together on a sheet of paper ,which can be given to viewers for reference
it is located at the top and displays the name of the application and the name of the current document
Pane that lists the common tasks that may be needed to perform while making a movie including importing files editing and publishing your movie
Free to download and editing and composting software .....provides media experts with a facility to combine a variety of media types into one or more output files
Complete 3D movie making software app can create awesome animation effects using this
Extends the capability of the main program by adding,enhanced custom commands and specialised features
Compression does not restore the data in its original form after decompression
Non linear ,called files are shown as a sequence of images layer off horizontally
— - - - - is a form of communication that allows students to put their feelings on a paper
Govt. rules /taxation/environmental regulations/lending requirements are
Music is the source of
This view is the default view that is used to create and edit slides
——— means not to give up and keep going even when a difficult situation comes up while running a business
Pieces of programs re-used by most developers.snippets are useful as you can keep reusing the code created many times across multiple web pages or web sites .
Default view
What are 3 Rs
A pattern of persistent disregard for and violation of the rights of others
——— motivate us to reach our highest potential
Image composed of a field of pixels ,each characterised by a colour and I usually created in paint programs by scanning a picture or by grabbing an image.
Video processing utility for 32 bit and 64 bit windows platform... licensed under GNU general public license....streamlined for fast linear operation over video.
Keeping good company and thinking and discussing big and positive ideas are a source of
Engaging in positive and skill enhancing __keeps our spirits high
Ongoing pattern of varying moods ,self image and behaviour.These symptoms result in impulsive actions and problems in relationships
Hearing is a —— — process
—— is shaped through family ,culture , society ,education and other environmental factors
Relatively enduring set of traits made up of be emotional,behavioural and mental set of characteristics
The complete subject consists of simple subject and its
Disorder that is characterised by extreme perfectionism ,order and neatness
Pane that displays our collection folders which contain clips
Components of open office impress window
___is a journey not a destination
Drive required to engage in goal oriented behaviour
Ability to do what needs to be done without the influence or thrust from other people or situation
———— phrase start with either a present or past participle
In which form of bizz the finished product can be sold directly to the customer
Helps students to pay attention,reduce stress and helps promote thoughtful approach towards life
Feeling of extreme social inhibition ,inadequacy, and sensitivity to negative criticism and rejection
Shortcut key to select entire row in which the cell pointer is positioned
Aka new experience economy
——— motivation is based on the physical needs to satisfy hunger or thirst
This view provides a more detailed view of our project and allows us to make finer edits
Language of soul
The quality of being aware and conscious of one’s self in present moment
——— is a person who tries to meet needs of a customer through new ideas or ways of doing business and makes profit in return
These individuals are focused on their goals and objectives and diligently achieve their aims
Full form of GUI
——— use eco friendly materials , benefit environment by conserving energy
Self – motivation increases individuals’ ____________and __________________.

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