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Can you name the lakes and rivers in this second part of a Jeopardy-style quiz?

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LAKES & RIVERS (1 Nov. 2001)
World Book reports 3-foot-long trout are among the fish found in this lake that borders Peru & Bolivia. 
This New York City river is actually a tidal strait connecting upper New York Bay with Long Island Sound. 
336 rivers flow into this Siberian lake, but only one, the Angora, flows out of it. 
This river that flows to Lyon, France rises from a glacier of the same name in Switzerland. 
This largest Central American lake has several islands, including Ometepe, which has two volcanoes. 
YES SIR, THAT'S MY BAY (10 Sept. 2002)
The Potomac River. 
The Ganges River. 
The Loire River in France. 
The Trinity River in Texas. 
The Cooks & Georges Rivers in Australia. 
LAKES & RIVERS (22 April 2003)
In 1811, the New Orleans became the first steamboat to sail down this river. 
During a religious festival called the Kumbh Mela, millions of pilgrims bathe in this holy river. 
This largest Alpine lake straddles the border between Switzerland & France. 
The Straits of Mackinac connects Lake Michigan to this Great Lake. 
Noted for its turquoise waters, it's the pearl of the Canadian Rockies. 
U.S. LAKES & RIVERS (24 Jan. 2005)
It flows over 2,300 miles before entering the Mississippi just north of St. Louis. 
1,645 feet deep, this beautiful blue lake on the California-Nevada border is one of North America's deepest. 
A major traffic route, the Arlington Memorial Bridge spans this river. 
This body of water was once known as 'Lac Des Illinois.' 
This river winds its way through Grand Teton National Park, as well as Hell's Canyon. 
GO JUMP IN A GREAT LAKE! (1 March 2005)
On Nov. 10, 1975, the Edmund Fitzgerald sank in this largest lake in the Western Hemisphere. 
The smallest of the Great Lakes, it has a surface area of about 7,500 square miles. 
Named for the region's Indians, this second-largest Great Lake was the first one seen by Europeans. 
Rivers draining into this lake include the Muskegon, Kalamazoo & St. Joseph in the East. 
It's the shallowest of the Great Lakes, with its greatest depth only 210 feet. 
LAKES & RIVERS (22 July 2005)
In Hinduism, a shortcut to paradise is to die in this 1,560-mile river. 
In Chapter 3 of the Biblical book named for him, Joshua leads the Israelites across this river. 
It's estimated that more than 20% of the world's unfrozen fresh water is in this Siberian lake. 
The Tipitapa River connects Lake Nicaragua with this other large lake to the north. 
Perhaps Enya could tell you that part of this 1,600-mile-long river flows along the Venezuela-Colombia border. 
LAKES & RIVERS (13 Oct. 2005)
This river irrigates millions of acres of land in Egypt & Sudan. 
This 'monstrous' Scottish lake has the largest volume of fresh water in Great Britain. 
Allahabad, India is a holy city located at the junction of the Jumna River & this more famous one. 
The name of this state's Lake Okeechobee is a seminole Indian word meaning 'plenty big water'. 
This salt lake on the border of Asia & Europe is more than 4 times the size of Lake Superior. 
Its upper branch is the Maranon, the lower branch the Ucayali; both flow in Peru. 
Gatun Lake was formed in 1912 by the Gatun Dam during the construction of this. 
This largest inland body of water in Central America lies just southeast of Managua. 
The 3/4-mile-wide Strait of Tiquina in Bolivia separates the upper & lower portions of this lake. 
This longest Venezuelan river starts in the Parima Highlands near the Brazilian border. 
U.S. LAKES & RIVERS (28 July 2006)
As you can gather from its name, Lake Texoma is shared by these two states. 
This large Louisiana lake is named for Louis XIV's marine minister. 
Until 1900 when engineers reversed the flow, this river flowed into Lake Michigan. 
This lake whose French name means 'heart of an awl' is at the heart of a beautiful resort area in Idaho. 
In 1819 the Independence became the first steamboat used on this river. 
U.S. LAKES & RIVERS (15 March 2007)
Oregon is in deep with this body of water on its state quarter. 
It's formed by the confluence of 3 rivers near Three Forks, Montana. 
In 1722 a French explorer on this river noticed the 'Little Rock' that gave the city its name. 
This largest south-flowing tributary of the Ohio forms a 200-mile boundary between Indiana & Illinois. 
John C. Fremont named this Nevada lake for its tufa or rock formation. 
St. George's Channel separates Wales from this country. 
Bristol Bay is an arm of this sea off Alaska. 
Rivers that flow into this sea include the Dnieper, Dniester & Danube. 
The Uruguay River forms the border between Uruguay & Argentina and most of the border between Argentina & this country. 
This Venezuelan lake is the only one of the world's 25 largest lakes whose elevation is sea level. 
U.S. LAKES & RIVERS (20 May 2010)
Rivers that flow into this inlet in Washington state include the Puyallup & Skagit. 
One of Hawaii's longest rivers, the Kaukonahua flows into the Pacific near Waialua on this island. 
Buffalo Bill Reservoir near Cody in this state was formed by the damming of the Shoshone River. 
At 618 feet, Seneca Lake is the deepest of this group of long & narrow lakes in Western New York. 
Running from New Mexico's northern border to its southern border, this river splits the state in two. 
LAKES & RIVERS (18 June 2010)
Over millions of years, it carved out the Grand Canyon. 
Of the five Great Lakes, Superior is the farthest north; this one is the farthest south. 
This largest African lake is the chief source of the Nile River. 
Fannette Island, formerly known as Emerald Isle, is the only island in this California/Nevada lake. 
The northern tip of this long lake on the border between Vermont & New York extends into Qu├ębec. 

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