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Can you name the lakes and rivers in this first part of a Jeopardy-style quiz?

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LAKES & RIVERS (10 Sept. 1984)
River mentioned most often in the Bible. 
Scottish word for lake. 
European River with the largest drainage basin. 
American river only 33 miles shorter than the Mississippi. 
World's largest lake, nearly 5 times as big as Superior. 
LAKES & RIVERS (5 Dec. 1984)
A German river or the wine grown on its banks. 
The end of a river that empties into a lake or ocean. 
Sam Rayburn Reservoir is this state's largest lake. 
Located in Oregon, it's the deepest lake in North America. 
Either of two Marilyn Monroe films with 'watery' titles. 
LAKES & RIVERS (8 Feb. 1985)
Body of water currently crossed by the 1831 London Bridge. 
Turin is the only major city on both banks of this river. 
This lake in the Banff National Park is the most visited place in the Canadian Rockies. 
While poets pour over the Rhine & Danube, this 2nd largest German river gets no press. 
Containing a source of the Nile near Jinja, this country's surface is 1/6 water. 
LAKES & RIVERS (24 April 1987)
Route of this canal passes through Gatun Lake. 
Lake Nasser came into existence in 1971 with the completion of this. 
The two African countries named for the Niger River. 
Lake of the Woods separates northernmost point in the lower 48 states from the rest of this state. 
The thousand islands of salad dressing fame are in this river. 
LAKES & RIVERS (17 Nov. 1988)
The longest river in Europe, it's noted for its boatmen. 
River that runs from Pittsburgh to Cairo---- Illinois that is. 
The German-speaking Swiss call it the Genfersee. 
Shreveport, Louisiana and Hanoi, Vietnam are both on rivers that have this colorful name. 
Over 300 rivers flow into this largest freshwater lake in Asia, and only one flows out, the Angara. 
LAKES & RIVERS (21 July 1990)
3 of the 5 largest lakes in North America are part of this group. 
This country's longest river is the Tay, but the Clyde carries more traffic. 
New York state actually has 11, not 10, of them. 
Lake Eyre, the largest on this continent, covers 3,600 square miles but is only about 4 feet deep. 
The name of this river which joins the Ganges means “the son of Brahma, the creator of the universe.” 
LAKES & RIVERS (19 Nov. 1996)
This state's longest river is Kaukonahua Stream on Oahu. 
This river forms part of the boundary between Israel & Syria. 
This state's largest lake, Lake Hapatcong, lies about 25 miles west of Passaic. 
Numerous islands lie within this lake, Scotland's largest. 
Smolensk, Mogilev & Kiev are major ports lying on this, Europe's third-largest river. 
LAKES (16 Jan. 1997)
Guatemala's scenic Lake Atitlan is surrounded by inactive ones of these. 
Leech Lake in Minnesota is the largest of this river's headwater lakes. 
Lake Constance lies on the border of Austria, Switzerland and this country. 
Seneca Lake, one of these New York lakes, exceeds 600 feet in depth. 
The capacity of this artificial lake 15 miles east of Las Vegas is 38.3 billion cubic meters. 
LAKES & RIVERS (13 May 1997)
This river flows from its source in Turkey to the Shatt Al Arab, where it unites with the Tigris. 
Deposits of silt are causing this longest Italian river's delta to advance into the Adriatic several feet per year. 
Near the German-Dutch border this river splits into 2 channels: the Lek & the Vaal. 
Cities on this river include Louisville, Cincinnati & Wheeling, West Virginia. 
A short channel connects this large lake with the Gulf of Venezuela. 
LAKES & RIVERS (17 June 1997)
Centuries of overflow from this lake helped create the Everglades. 
About 70% of China's rice crop is grown in this river's basin. 
This river's tributaries include the Koyukuk River in Alaska & the Klondike in Canada. 
This largest Central American lake shares its name with the country in which it's located. 
Great Britain's 2 longest rivers are the Severn & this one. 
REALLY LONG RIVERS (22 Sept. 1997)
While cruising down this river in 1542, Francisco de Orellana was attacked by female warriors; thus, its name. 
Ptolemy guessed the area of the source of this river almost 2,000 years before it was found. 
This Chinese river is really 'long' since its alternate name, Chang Jiang, means 'long river.' 
During high water, this river was once navigable from Fort Benton, Montana to St. Louis. 
At Khone Falls on the Cambodia-Laos border, this river is 6 1/2 miles wide. 
LAKES & RIVERS (13 Oct. 1998)
Even though it's the world's second longest river, it still has the world's largest drainage basin. 
The Aare, originating in the Bern canton, is a major river of this country. 
Rising in the Black Forest, it's the second longest river in Europe. 
You can take a high road or a low road to this, the largest lake in Scotland. 
This lake in Manitoba, Ontario & Minnesota is a remnant of an extinct glacial lake. 
LAKES & RIVERS (5 March 1999)
This Great Lake has the same name as a Canadian province. 
Regular steamship service is available on this river from Cairo to Aswan. 
The river in the title of a waltz composed by Johann Strauss II. 
Hindus believe that dying in this most sacred of rivers ensures passage to paradise. 
Fed by the Kissimmee River, it's the largest freshwater lake in the southern United States. 

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