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Circulatory System
This is the major organ of the Circulatory System. 
These are the two types of chambers in the heart. 
This is the largest artery of the body. 
Veins contain these to prevent backflow. 
These are the only veins that carry oxygenated blood. 
Digestive System
This tube connects the throat to the stomach. 
These finger-like projections absorb nutrients. 
This is another name for the large intestine. 
This is a fluid made by the liver that aids in digestion. 
This is the scientific name of the throat. 
Muscular System
These connect muscles to bones. 
This is the only type of voluntary muscle. 
These are the 2 main upper arm muscles. 
The digestive tract is made of this type of muscle. 
This is the scientific name for cardiac muscle. 
Nervous System
This is the control center of the body. 
This mass of nerves carries messages from the nerves to the brain. 
This is the largest part of the brain. 
This part of the brain controls balance and movement. 
These are also known as nerve cells. 
Respiratory System
These tiny blood vessels surround the air sacs. 
These are also known as the air sacs. 
This is the scientific name for breathing out. 
The windpipe is also known as this. 
This closes to prevent food from entering the windpipe. 
Skeletal System
This is the average number of bones in the adult body. 
These are the longest bones in the body. 
Most bones move at these structures. 
These are the finger and toe bones. 
These connect bones to each other. 
This is the heaviest organ in the body, at 3.5 pounds. 

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