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QUIZ: Can you pick the Cause of death for these Star Wars characters?

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Shot in Mos Eisley Cantina
Sarlacc pit (many of these fell in)
Thrown out of a Coruscant window
Electrocution (System failure)
Strangled by a chain
Broken heart
Tortured by Tusken raiders
Stabbed by double bladed lightsaber
Beheaded by 2 lightsabers
Thrown down a shaft
Sliced into pieces on Mustafar (Trade federation)
Burned from the inside out
Chopped in half (before disappearing)
Old Age
Beheaded by 1 lightsaber
Blown up in death star 1
Choked by Vader (not force choke)
Shot in the neck by a poison dart
Fall into Death Star chasm (Wilhelm scream)
Slain by a recently fallen Jedi (Multiple of these were killed)

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