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First Ruler of Sumer
Had a Law Code
Assyrian Ruler
Minor Assyrian Ruler
United Egypt
Did a lot of stuff in Babylon
Tolerant ruler of Persia
Intolerant Son of Ruler of Persia
Rebuilt Persia after bad ruler
Female Pharaoh
Step son of Hapshetsut
Longest ruling Pharaoh
Kushite King
Wanted Revenge on the Athenians
All Men are Equal
Three Classes
Living areas
He was Great
Leader of Carthage
Equivalent to Hannibal
Revolutionized Rome
Part of Triumvirate
Nephew of Caesar
Buddy of Caesar
A tetrarch who took control
First Pope
Wrote letters
Started Christianity
Started Islam
Rightly guided
Byzantine Emperor
Ruled the Franks after Pepin
Crusade leader of Islam
Crusade leader of Christianity
Bro of Lionhearted
King of Franks
King of England
Split Rome

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