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Can you name the songs on Lemon Demon's album 'View-Monster'??

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'And every word she said, it was a little suprise'
'Then we put the books in alphabetically'
'I could use a bite to eat, but I don't want to buy a whole raw fish'
'I think you've all gone mad. Gone nuts at least a tad. It's really kind of sad'
'I'm a cut you! Swish swish! In a...'
'I made it when I was an architect. This is just a side effect'
'Me and my mermaid girlfriend ballroom dance on a wave in the ocean (And you can't stop our love)!'
'... I would follow them if I we're brave to find out why there's no second set of footprints in the cave'
'Upward he shoots by the springs on his boots, like an inverted angel...'
'Careful what we sing, rock and roll is everything to everybody that you've ever met'
'It's not for nothing, that I believe nothing really does something, will alwayas be something'
'... red roses and champaigne, ir was right up there with Twain'
'One million springs and spinny things, it's quite a view'
'Don't you know I think you're the cats meow'
'In my closet, under my bed, but mostly, outside my window'
'I'm a magician Spencer, a furious magician!'
'May nothing get rejected, may nothing get infected'
'I close my eyes and turn away, but half my mind still wants to play with...'
'Somehow something set my sundial backwards, tilted, and upsidedown'
'As soon as the camera turns off they don't linger'

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