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Can you name the Characters from '24' who met untimely deaths?

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Manner of DeathCharacter in 24Actor Playing the Role
Shot 12 times by JackDennis Hopper
Shot in the stomach by Nina MyersLeslie Hope
Blown up in a plane carrying a nukeXander Berkeley
Shot by a CTU sniper in a helicopterTobin Bell
Killed by an exploding cylinder of Cordilla virusJoaquim de Almeida
Died of a heart attack caused by Sherry PalmerAlbert Hall
Shot 3 times by Jack in act of vengeanceSarah Clarke
Shot in the back of the head by Jack, after being unable to commit suicidePaul Schulze
Shot twice in the chest by Julia MillikenPenny Johnson Jerald
Shot by Theresa Ortega, after the death of her husband GaelPaul Blackthorne
Drove headfirst into a truckAnil Kumar
Dropped by Jack off the top of a multi-storey carparkArnold Vosloo
Manner of DeathCharacter in 24Actor Playing the Role
Shot in the throat by Conrad HaasDennis Haysbert
Blown up by a car bombReiko Aylesworth
Poisoned by Sentox nerve gas leak in CTULouis Lombardi
Shot twice in the chest by Jack, whilst on top of a Russian submarinePeter Weller
Shot by Jack after refusing to holster his weaponRoger Cross
Strangled with a steel chain by JackAdoni Maropis
Killed by an F-18 air strike on his oil rigJames Cromwell
Killed in an explosion in the White HouseJames Morrison
Shot by Jack after refusing to surrenderTony Todd
Shot by Tony Almeida at point blank rangeAmy Price-Francis
Had his throat slit by Samir MehranAnil Kapoor
Shot by Pavel Tokarev with a sniper rifleAnnie Wersching

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