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French wild
Danish Blotchiness
Intelligence and beauty
Colour of a mouse
Descends from the stallion Justin Morgan
From the wild wild west
Prehistoric wild pony
French port horse
Brownies from the moors of UK
White schooled grace
Mostly black pony
Rare variant from the Arabian Desert
Nearly extinct pony from Greece
Recent Wood pony
Might work out for an allergic
A fourth of western
Carriage horse with grace
Prominent German allround horse
Special walk/trot
Spanish beauty
Big horse - big heart
Elegant nordic warmblood
Eastern horse developed from the Orlov Trotter
Noble Portugese
The world's fastest harness horse
Swift running walk
Irish allround
Viking horse with hogmane
Racer horse no 1
Another prominent allround horse from Germany
Valuable Gold
Heavy draft workhorse from the forests of north
Three British ponies in one
Thin but beautiful
Gentle Kentucky horse from high heights
Smallest Argentine
Small pony from a small island
Well-preserved small and compact horse
Indian Horse
Swedish wild pony
Coal black German horse power
Horse of beauty
Black Dutch Beauty
Well known Austrian horse
Wild american mountain horse
Belgian strenght
Last remains of the wild horse specie

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