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Can you name the Colours of these Doctor Who enemies, objects and friends

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The 11th Doctor's first bow tie
The Moxx of Balhoon (prior to brutal incineration)
The quantum-locked lightning-fast assassins which for whom you must never, ever blink
The light of the Master's 'screwdriver'
The Hath's breathing apparatus
The fork-lift sized vehicle which supported one Max
...and the supposed colour of the walls of the floor on which the other Max lived
The sleep-inducing androids with terrifying methods of delivery
The plastic bin which ate Mickey
The latest car of a certain investigative journalist
The glowing crystal which the vespiform priest followed to his doom
Look hereAnswer hereAnd read here if you have time
The last of a group of benevolent cetaceans from outer space
The baubles whenceforth the wooden king and queen grew
The victims of Mr. Sweet
The vehicle used to escape from the Stingrays through their wormhole
Doctor number Nine's signature jacket
The Scientist Dalek of the new Dalek Paradigm
Sontaran battle-armour
The robes of the headless monks
The Human-Time Lord Meta-Crisis' hair
Professor Yana's killer
The fog-swimming shark (according to the Doctor)

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