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coulombs law (E=)point charges
symbol for volume, surface, and linear charge density
What is the field inside a parallel plate capacitor?not distance dependant
torque alligns the dipole in the field with the positive end pointing down field (T/F)
Type of surface needed to calculate fluxthese are imaginary and closed surfaces
Electric flux is (PHIe=)this is a surface integral
A charge outside the gaussian surface causes ____ net fluxthis is because all field lines both enter and exit the surface causing no net flux
The integral of E dA is... (the other definition of flux)can calculate charge from charge density and geometrical information
What is the magnitude of an electric field inside a conductor in equilibrium?in a conductor in equilibrium, all charge is on the surface(s), but is not necessarily uniformly spread
Is work a state function?it is path independent
A positive charge always goes toward higher electric potential(T/F)positive charge goes from higher potential to lower potential
Potential is a vector (T/F)potenial is a scalar
V = (with respect to e field)
Is potential the same for all points in a conductor?
In a capacitor Q=
If the inverse of equivalent capacitance is 2/C, the capacitors are parallel, equi cap is 2C
Does capacitance change if the physical arrangement of the capacitor changes?especially distance and area
The energy stored in a capacitor is (U = )
What moves electrons around in a ciruit?I
Current density is (J=)
conductivity and resistivity are...(symbols)J=sigmaE, rho=EA/I
One of kirchoff's rulessum of potential drops across the circuit is zero
The other of kirchoff's rulescurrent into a junction equals the current out of the junction
the general power formula is...(P=)measured in watts
QuestionAnswerOther Useful Info
Batteries produce...not current
Resistance Equivelence is like capacitance equivalence but...
The difference between an ideal and real battery?real batteries have internal resistance
change in charge over change in time is I = dQ/dt
(emf)C(1-e^(-t/RC)) is the equation for
Qo * e^(-t/RC) is the equation for
A magnetic field points out of the ____ pole and into the ____ pole
Ampere's Law is mu(zero)*I =
Magnetic Force is ...RHR
A force between two parallel wires with current going in the same direction is
If a bar is moving right through a magnetic field directed into the page the resulting motional emf creates a high potential at the...
Faraday's Law is.. (emf = )flux changes through either the loop moving, or a varying mag field
Lenz's Law makes a Mag Field that...
magnetic flux/current^2A/length in a solenoid
the energy stored in a conductor is...
the opposite of the derrivative of current times inductance is ...
1/sqrt(LC) is...
What is the time constant for an LR circuit?e^-Rt/L
displacement current is...
Capacitive Reactance is... (Xc=)its like resistance
In a phasor diagram, capacitor voltage ___ current
In a phasor diagram, inductant voltage _____ current

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