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A mysterious Mercury AdeptWill you ever fight him?
A Venus Adept who has appeared in every Golden Sun gameAppears in Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Has been kidnapped by apes beforeHas brown hair, not blond!
A pink puffball with a curl in its hairPut its enemies to sleep through song, appears in Smash Bros
Wears a Nintendo HatOwns a guitar, a jetpack and two pistols. Impressive
A masked puffball that wields a swordThis character is quite the honorable fighter
A purple alien who invaded SarasalandWas hired by a fat, lazy, garlic eating man
Red cap, baseball bat, Has PSI powersSuffers from homesickness
The leader of the Star Fox crew'Sorry to jet, but I'm in a hurry'
A black and white man with a large noseLacks any defining characteristics
Muscular, Evil, Dressed in Black, Has hornsDrives 'The Black Bull'
Frequents Club SugarBlue afro anyone?
A dog with a guitarWants his music to be free
A red balloon fish who is in Clu Clu LandMakes an appearance in King of Swing
An ex-cop that goes looking for his partner 'Bradley'He is now a salesman for 'Red Crown'
A blue haired,tiara wearing princeDefeated the Dark Dragon Medeus
The star of television show that is receiving bad ratingsStar of a Japan-Only Wii Game
A pink puffball It inhales just about everything
A teenager that goes looking for his Uncle JWields a Yo-Yo (or 'Island Star')
A big floating monkey head'Only I have the brains to rule Lylat!'
Blue and white fur, telepathic Originally from the canceled N64 game 'Dinosaur Planet'
Can't stop getting kidnappedWears pink and only pink (with some blue)
A 18 year old Japanese jet skier Used to wear goggles and a helmet but stopped
A construction worker who always wears sunglassesIs said to be the prototype of the fat, lazy, greedy man
Red Hat, Mustache, White GlovesPlumber, Doctor, Athlete, Artist, Racer, etc.
An angel who has fought Medusa'The fight is on!'
Jackal like, Has a spike in its chestWields the powers of Aura
A green frog who invaded SubconHad a minor role in a Legend of Zelda game
An imp from the Twilight RealmQuite an abusive person
Has an eye infection or something, Is an expert at playing deadHas been both a pirate and a scientist over the years
A thrifty business raccoonEmploys his nephews at his store
Rules Sarasaland Generally represented by yellow,orange or blue
Leather Jacket, Muscular, Can use swordsDrives the 'Fire Stingray'
Fat, Lazy, Greedy, Loves GarlicSurprisingly good at finding (stealing) treasure
A Venus Adept who was presumed deadStayed in Prox for a long time
Blue, Feathery, Prefers the air'Hands off my prey!'
Can use her hair to pick up barrels and flyIs often represented by the color pink
A Hocotate Freight Company EmployeeApparently attacked by a 'ravenous space bunny'
A big swirly red alien thingI’m H A P P Y . . .
Thin, Tall, Wears purpleRuns a motor oil company
Blond hair, Uses PSIWill his game ever come to the US?
Completely insane, served Cackletta'I HAVE FURY!'
Dragon-like, Space-Pirate generalRefuses to die
A big spiked green thingShoots spikes out of his stomach
Spiky Shell, Always wears a bandanna Once found a paintbrush that allowed him to transform
It lurks in the Cerulean CaveThe star of the 1st Pokemon movie
An old elderly scholar who helped out the Warriors of ValeHis dream is to see Lemuria
Tall, Green, Brother to the Man with the Red HatWielded a vacuum at one point
Jester Hat, PurpleGrows wings when you fight it
A being made entirely out of PhazonUsed to be skeletal in appearance
The oldest member of the Star Fox team'Do a Barrel Roll'
An Orange Star Commanding OfficerHe has no weaknesses
A mushroom man who serves Mushroom Kingdom royalty'But our princess is in another castle!'
'The Silver-Haired Maiden'Leads the Dawn Brigade
An exterminator that sprays apes Armed with a spray-gun
A flying, firebreathing lizardThis Pokemon is known to be disobedient
A pair of climbers. One in blue, one in pinkTeamwork makes the dream work
A female bounty hunterBlond hair, blue eyes, blue suit
Elderly turtle Always the mayor
A very small chore robotNeeds to find a plug to survive
A rotund employee of the Hocotate Freight CompanyCaptain of the S.S. Dolphin
A trusty steedThis steed is always a huge pain to get
An 'extreme' bikerThey come in several different colors
Helps monkeys get around, runs a weapon shopHates adventuring
So many variations of this little guy! Some of them wear bandannas.
Spiked Shell, Red Hair, Constantly trying to ruin everyone's day Was originally supposed to be an ox
Wields the Triforce of WisdomQuite adept with a bow
A former FBI agent who becomes a detectiveHas a daughter named Jennifer, Also has a beard
A small robot buddyAppeared in numerous games including Super Smash Bros. Brawl
A blue haired samuraiApparently, he has fought aliens
A purple sorcerer who can turn people to stoneHis eye is his weak point!
The Leader of the Star Wolf teamCan't let you do that, Star Fox!'
Leader of a gang of piratesThe manual says she's male
'Hey! Listen!'An annoying blue fairy
A cat and a dog who are also cab driversThey love their science fiction
A Sacean swords-woman Wields the Mani Katti
Fleshy, Drools a bitMain villain on Captain N
A cat with no faceCan you draw me a face?
He or she? The world may never know.Shoots eggs of its mouth
Comes in a rainbow of colors, It loves melonsAlways has boots on
A yellow mouse who uses electricity The most famous Pokemon of all
A white-haired 13 year old girl who can see a ghostsShe goes to Blood Edward Island to find her father
Red Helmet, Blue suit, Gold Boots, Cool Scarf A renowned racer and bounty hunter
A giant penguin with a hammerThis character was voiced by Masahiro Sakurai in Super Smash Bros. Brawl
A mole that only appears if you hit resetNever stops yelling!
Drives the 'Golden Fox'A doctor and a racer!
A pink thief that is armed with a giant drillShe's the Red Dozer's boss's daughter.
People call him 'The Pokemon Professor'!This professor has his own radio program
Doesn't talk, only yells, Always wears the same green tunic and hatHas been both a wolf and rabbit over the years
Big, Brown, Wears a tie'His coconut gun can fire in spurts'
Transforms into a pig, Power HungryA fantastic organ player
A canine companion who laughs at youYou can shoot him in Vs.Duck Hunt
A red haired lord, son of EliwoodMade his first appearance in Super Smash Bros. Melee
Old, wise, bitter, has a beardOnce kidnapped some girl
A fat boxer with a bandage on his stomachOne of the main villains on 'Captain N'
A 35 year old man who sells mapsThe US didn't get his game.
Fat, Obnoxious, Manipulative'The Pig King'
A giant white gloveHas a 'crazy' counterpart
A boxer from Bronx, New YorkA 'little' on the short side
A blue-haired mercenary 'I fight for my friends'

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