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Individuals who answer a survey or questionnaire are called:
People on whom we experiment are called:
Animals, Plants, and inanimate objects are called:
Name one of the three things needed to analyze data:
If a set of data has 2 peaks it is called:
What is the exponential model?
What does the coefficient of determination represent?
Name 2 elements of a good experiment:
What percentage does the IQR represent?
The modified boxplot can show what, that a normal boxplot can't?
The Residuals of a Line of least square represents?
What kind of probability is it when the first success is ona given trial?
The probability that there are x successes in n trials
What type of error is it when the null hypothesis is rejected when it is actually true?
How do you control the amount of error in an experiment?
What does: 1-Beta, represent?
What does: ((p hat- p)/sqrt of (pq/n))
What does: (p hat) +- Z*(sqrt of ((p hat x q hat)/n))
The sdum of ((observed-expected)^2/expected) represents what test?
Every test assumes this:
What does the sqrt of ((p(1-p))/n) represent?
What is the minimum number that the expected value must be in a Chi-Square test?
Use a z test when you want to find a:
Use a t test when the (blank) is unknown:
Matrices can be used in this test.
If a box plot is not very spread it means it has very little (blank)
A list of individuals from which the sample is drawn is called:
This is a trial run of the survey you eventually plan to give to a larger group, using a draft of the survey questions administered to a small sample drawn from the same sampling f
In this kind of study, researchers do not assign choices; they simple watch them.
In order to remove bias of a preferred brand or type you must use this:
*Begins with a B* 
A 'fake' treatment that looks just like the treatments being tested is known as:
In a normal model, 1 standard deviation away from the mean from both sides includes what percentage of the data?
What is the expected value of the squared deviations called?
What is the threshold of the results of an experiment being statistically significant?
The data come from a distribution that is unimodal and symmetric
When you describe a distribution you must all talk about these 3 things:
When a histogram doesn't appear to have any mode and in which all the bars are approximately the same height is called:
A pattern that runs from the upper left to the lower right is said to be:
A hidden variable that stands behind a relationship and determines it simultaneously affecting the other two variables is known as a:
Who is the best Statistics Teacher ever?

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