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Paleolithic: Famous paintings are drawed in these caves
52 B.C.: Vercingetorix surrendered after this battle
451: This barbarian leader is defeated in the decisive battle of the Catalaunian Plains
He is considered as the first king of what will become France
732: Charles Martel's frankish army defeated Abdul Rahman Al Ghafiqi's arabic army in this battle
25 december 800: pope Leon III coronated this frankish king as Emperor of the Occident
911: This territory is given to Vikings to end their raids in France
987: This king founds the Capetian dynasty
1202: The construction of this palace starts
1270: This beloved king dies from plague in Tunis
1295: This is the oldest alliance in the world (still in effect)
Friday 13 october 1307: Members of this military order are executed
1337: This long war begins
middle 14th century: This pandemic kills about 41% of French population
1431: Joan of Arc was burnt in this city
1475: This treaty officially ends the hundred years war
1477: The major part of this powerfull duchy becomes part of French kingdom
1519: The construction of this castle started
1539: This document sets French as the official language of the Kingdom
1572: This massacre is one of the most important massacre of the French religions war
1593: He declares 'Paris is well worth a Mass'
1598: This document grants the Protestants of France substantial rights
1610: This factotum assassinates Henri IV
1643: He's 4 years old when he becomes king of France
1648: This serie of troubles starts and will last five years
1661: After he death of this chief minister in 1661, France becomes an absolute monarchy
1673: Death of this playwright from tuberculosis
1745-1764: She is the most famous and hated mistress of king Louis XV
1751: First publication by Diderot and D'Alembert
1778: France gets officially engaged in the independance war of this country
1780s: Queen Marie Antoinette is involved in this scandal
20 june 1789: The third-estate swears 'not to separate, and to reassemble wherever circumstances require, until the constitution of the kingdom is established'
14 july 1789: This major event is considered as the begining of French Revolution
26 august 1789: This is one of the most fundamental documents of the French Revolution
20-21 june 1791: Louis XVI and his family fail in an attempt to escape Paris and join royalists in Montmédy during this event
25 april 1792: War Song for the Army of the Rhine is composed. What is the name of this song now?
20 september 1792: The main outcome of this battle is the abolition of the monarchy
21 january 1793: Louis XVI is executed by the guillotine on the Revolution Square. What is the current name of this place?
16 october 1793: Her very last words are 'I beg your pardon sir. I didn't mean to do it'.
4 february 1794: It is abolished in French colonies
28 july 1794: This major actor of the revolution is guillotined
9 november 1799: He gets to the head of the country for the first time with the coup of 18 Brumaire
3 may 1803: USA double their surface by purchasing this French territory
2 december 1804: Napoleon is coronated here
18 june 1815: This is the last battle of Napoleon
1815-1821: Napoleon is exiled on this island
july 1830: This event leads Louis-Philip I to the throne
1830: He paints the Liberty Leading the People
1848-1852: He is the only president of the 2nd Republic
2 december 1852: Napoleon III becomes emperor of the French. Who is he for Napoleon I?
1850s-1860s: He renovates Paris and gives the city its design we know nowadays
1862: Victor Hugo publishes this novel
13 july 1870: This document leads France to declare war to Prussia
2 september 1870: The second empire ends with the defeat of Napoleon III in this city
10 may 1871: The treaty of Frankfurt gives these French territories to German Empire
31 march 1889: The Iron Lady is born. Who is she?
1894: This is one of the most famous political scandal of French History
July 1900: It is inaugurated in Paris
1904: This serie of agreements is the first real alliance between France and United Kingdom
9 december 1905: This law is voted by the chamber of deputies
1914-1918: This is the nickname given to French soldiers during WWI
february-december 1916: This is one of the most devastating battles during World War I
11 november 1918: The armistice with Germany was signed here
june 1936: These agreements are responsible for major social changes for French workers
3 september 1939: France declares war to Germany after the invasion of this country
18 june 1940: He makes his famous Appeal from London
16-17 july 1942: French police arrested and shipped thousands of jewish people to Auschwitz during this event
8 july 1943: Death of this emblem of French Resistance
6 juin 1944: This military operation starts with the landing of troops in Normandy
25 august 1944: He enters in Paris and frees the city from German occupation
8 mai 1945: Germany surrenders without condition in this city
25 march 1957: It is created by the Treaty of Rome
4 october 1958: This current French republic is born
3 july 1962: This country is independant from France
1968: The first and largest general strike ever in France takes place during this month
2 april 1974: He becomes acting president for the second time
9 october 1981: It is abolished in France
12 july 1998: He scores two goals in the French victory in the final of the Soccer World Cup
3 april 2007: This French train beats its own world record of speed with 574,8 km/h (357,16 mph)
2012: This movie is awarded three Golden Globes and five Oscars (including Best Movie)

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