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Power Chamber introduced (1)
Mighty Morphin Rangers become Zeo Rangers (2)
Zeo Megazord introduced
Rocky & his partner create a computer game that Mondo wants
Tommy & Kat pretend to be married
Tanya plays baseball
Kat trains a dog for the fire department
Monster brainwashes children
Rocky, Tanya, & Kat are extras in a sci-fi film
Billy graduates from high school
Rocky gets transformed into a plant
Adam & Skull take music class
Mondo's monster causes electronic havic
Billy returns to Earth
Kim breaks up w/ Tommy via a letter (1)
Tommy tries to start a relationship w/ a girl named Heather (2)
Kat & Tommy realize their feelings for each other (3)
Tommy's brother introduced
Tommy's brother, David, is revealed
Mondo has an interest in David & the arrowhead
Tommy must rescue his brother
Rocky tries to befriend a blind girl
4 Rangers transformed into monster-movie characters
Bulk falls in love with the police chief's daughter
Tanya is offered a chance at a singing career
Adam trains for a Kung Fu tournament
Gold Ranger introduced
Tommy & Kat are shrunk
Kat competes in a surfing competition
Rangers are exhasted from constant attacks
Mondo tries to capture the Gold Ranger
Trey revealed to be Gold Ranger
Jason becomes Gold Ranger
Super Zeo Megazord introduced
Louie Kaboom is introduced
Rangers participate in a charity fashion show
Tanya finds her parents
Jason gets turned into gold
Practical jokes run rampant
Tommy disappears
Tommy is brainwashed by the Machine Empire (1)
The Rangers confront a brainwashed Tommy (2)
Tommy has déjà vu
Rangers participate in a 'Whodunit Charity Party'
Tommy & Tanya can only sing
Alien Ranger Team-up (1)
Alien Ranger Team-up (2)
Luau at Ernie's
Trey regains Gold Ranger powers
Rangers during the holidays

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