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Divatox takes revenge on the rangers (1)
The Rangers graduate from high school (2)
Zordon & Alpha leave for Eltar (3)
Evil Rangers are made from shadows
Dimitria learns she has a twin sister
Justin enters a soap box derby
Drag race at Angel Grove Bluff
Justin's new bike is set to explode
The rangers are forced to lie
Staff turns writing into hieroglypghics
Kat is worried about her weight
Fire alarms are constantly going off
Blue Senturion is introduced
Carlos & Ashley are introduced
Kat's London Dance Academy audition
4 Rangers are made small (1)
4 Rangers are made small (2)
TJ & Cassie are introduced (1)
Tommy, Adam, Tanya, & Kat are replaced (2)
Ashley's jacket becomes the latest fashion trend
Introduces Lightning Cruiser & Storm Blaster
Rangers get baked into a pizza
Phantom Ranger introduced
Angel Grove becomes invisible
Time is stopped
Turbo megazord captured
Rescue Zords introduced
Cassie is captured in exchange for the Phantom Ranger
Rescue Megazord vs. Turbo Megazord
Non-Human rangers appear
Wishing coins
The search for the 3rd wishing coin
Divatox steals the rangers booster fuel
Ashley takes auto-shop class
TJ encounters a boy named 'ERUTAN'
Cassie's song causes brainwashing
Carlos accidentally injures a soccer teammate
Cassie's dog goes missing
TJ must learn how to hit a special pitch
Carlos gets turned into a vampire
Justin gets bitten by an ant that increases his strength
Ashley & Cassie are turned against each other
Bulk & Skull get wrongly accused as thieves
Both megazords destroyed (1)
Turbo powers are destroyed (2)

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