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Terra Venture starts searching for a new world (1)
5 become Lost Galaxy Rangers (2)
Rangers rescue Galactabeasts
Leo joins Terra Venture's GSA
A young boy has snuck aboard Terra Venture to see space, but is caught when he tries to return it to Earth
Both good and evil try to obtain a powerful energy source
Kendrix has a look-a-like and must take her place
Kai likes a girl named Hannah
A new 'ally' is introduced
Flower statues are destroyed to find the energy source
Leo must fight alone when Terra Venture is frozen
Kendrix & Maya fight
Rangers receive team power-up
Treacheron goes after Trakeena because she set him up
Magna Defender sacrifices himself & Mike returns
Mike becomes new Magna Defender
Trakeena wants to be the most beautiful girl in the galaxy
Stanton sends out a search team
Deviot releases 3 evil Zords (1)
Stratoforce, Centaurus, & Zenith Megazords join Galaxy team (2)
Scorpius wants Trakeena to take her place by his side
Trakeena wants revenge on Leo for killing Scorpius
Maya's 'friend' Shondra appears on Terra Venture
Damon shows bravery in a time of need
Kai is put to the test
A Monster challenges the male Rangers to a motorcycle race
Maya must fight a warrior alone
Leo likes a girl named Ginger
A monster that knows all of the Rangers moves
Team-up with Space Rangers
Kendrix sacrifices herself for Cassie & Terra Venture
Karone becomes the Pink Galaxy Ranger
Karone must face Astronema
Damon competes for the position of head mechanic
Terra Venture enters another galaxy
A space pirate 'helps' Terra Venture
Deviot has joined forces with Mutiny
Leo & Damon are captured & tied up
Rangers fight battles in their sleep
Hexuba uses a magic ball to resurrect defeated monsters
Mutiny unleashes his most destructive monster
Mike loses his Magna Defender powers
Trakeena & Deviot become one in the cocoon (1)
The colony must abandon Terra Venture (2)
Terra Venture lands on Mirinoi & Kendrix returns (3)

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