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Andros is introduced as Red Ranger (1)
4 Turbo Rangers become Space Rangers (2)
Rangers return to Earth with Andros
Team-up w/ TMNT
Andros looks for his sister, Karone
The Rangers & Astronema battle for a satellite
Andros befriends 3 thieves
Cassie's is blackmailed to go on a date
A simudeck malfunction creates havoc
A monster doesn't want to be evil
New Zord introduced
Delta Megazord is turned evil
Ashley's grandma wants her to be engaged
Carlos & Cassie are affected an insect bite
TJ loses his memory
Andros finds out who kidnapped his sister
The Rangers get new Zords
Justin returns to help the Space Rangers
A monster turns Astronema into Ashley
Zhane is introduced
Andros is jealous of Zhane's affections towards Ashley
Zhane's morphing problem is revealed
Astronema & Zhane become attracted to each other
Zhane stays and helps the KO-35 Rebels
Adam returns to help Carlos
Astronema is Karone
Astronema wonders if she should be evil
Astronema joins the rangers
Karone helps the Rangers, but is captured (1)
Karone is brainwashed back to Astronema (2)
Psycho Rangers introduced
Carlos' ranger identity is discovered by a young girl
Ashley & Cassie fight
5 rangers become the blue ranger
Cassie must be quiet to avoid being found by the psychos
Psycho Rangers steal Mega Voyager
Andros saves an enslaved alien creature
Andros' battleizer is introduced
The Psychos are captured in data cards
Astro Megaship is trapped in a forcefield
A sinister Humvee stalks the Rangers
Dark Specter launches an all-out invasion of the universe (1)
Zordon dies to save to universe (2)

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