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Team-up with Masked Rider (1)
Team-up with Masked Rider (2)
Team-up with Masked Rider (3)
Introduces Rito (1)
Rangers search for new powers (2)
Rangers receive new ninja powers (3)
Introduces Ninja Zords (4)
Kim has a bad dream about moving to Paris
Adam receives a lantern w/ special powers
Rocky trades places w/ his teacher
5 Rangers turned into footballs
5 Rangers put under 'hate spell' (1)
Aisha tries to reverse the 'hate spell' (2)
Rangers confront face stealing monster
Angel Grove gets a taste of a love potion
Introduces Kat (1)
Tommy & Kat are trapped in another dimension (2)
Kat steals Kim's Power coin (1)
A weakened Kim is kidnapped while trying to rescue Kat (2)
Introduces Shogun Zords (3)
Shark Cycles introduced
Kim begins training for a gymnastics tournament (1)
Kat breaks Rita's spell in time to save Kim (2)
Kat becomes the Pink Ranger (3)
Tommy craves junk food
Kat leads the teens in building a new home for Angel Grove citizens
Kat & Aisha teach a monkey sign language
Rita's father & the Zeo crystal are introduced (1)
Tommy & Kat go to the moon to Falcon Zord & Ninjor (2)
The Zeo crystal is broken up (3)
Christmas time in Angel Grove
Aisha & Kat write a song for school
The Rangers become kids

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