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Lord Zedd is introduced (1)
Thunderzords introduced (2)
Rangers defeat Parantishead (3)
A monster that can become each of the rangers
Billy and Zack see the other rangers as putties
Zedd casts a spell that turns Kim against Trini
Tommy is troubled by a dream about losing his powers
Zedd creates a monster to capture the Rangers and drain their powers
The Rangers enter a Broomball Tournament
Zedd captures Trini's neighbor Hallie
Kim & Zack create a song for Tommy
Zedd creates the Dark Rangers with the green rangers powers (1)
Tommy loses the Green Ranger Powers (2)
Jason is depressed over Tommy's power loss
A trumpet is stolen & turned into a monster
Zedd wants Kim as his queen
Zordon & Alpha create a new ranger (1)
Tommy returns as the white ranger (2)
Tommy & Kim date is interrupted by putties
Last episode w/ Jason, Zack, and Trini's actors on set
Halloween episode #2
Rocky, Adam, & Aisha are introduced (1)
Rocky, Adam, & Aisha learn of the rangers identites (2)
Rocky, Adam, & Aisha become the rangers allies (3)
Angel Grove High hosts a world teen summit
Stone Canyon triathlon
Jason, Zack, & Trini are chosen for the Peace Conference (1)
Rocky, Adam, & Aisha become rangers (2)
Angel Grove High's 'Sadie Hawkins' Day4 Dance
Adam's self-confidence is tested by Zedd
The rangers get amnesia
Rocky really gets into a new Pachinko game
The rangers take the message of the power of education to the airwaves
Fire Safety Week & Aisha's hot new job
Rangers search for random objects using clues
An unusual crash landing
Goldar kidnaps Kim and Aisha's friend Shawna
Sea monsters to challenge the Rangers
Zedd turns the rangers into kids (1)
Zedd turns the rangers into kids (2)
Rita returns (1)
Rita gives Zedd a love potion (2)
Rita & Zedd marry (3)
Rangers in Australia (1)
An evil clone of Tommy is created to become the green rangers (2)
Green & White battle (3)
Kim & Tommy both run for class president
Angel Grove High book fair (1)
Tommy, Kim, & Rocky get traped in a book (2)
Kim is transported to Angel Grove 1880 (1)
4 Ranger ancestors become rangers (2)
Billy is turned evil

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