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5 Teenagers Recruited
Trini overcomes fear of heights
Kim & Trini petition to clean up a waste dump
Jason attempts to break a bench pressing record
Kim's deaf friend has troubles fitting in
Youth Center has a Cultural Food Festival
Kim and Trini + a mischievous child
Billy's young friend Willy is kidnapped
Trini's doll Mr. Ticklesneezer
Rita tries to ruin Zack's special day
Rangers at a fair with Trini's cousin Silvia
Kim and Billy go bad
Billy's dance date gets mistaked as a Power Ranger
Kim's plane ride with her uncle goes wrong
Billy is tutored by Uncle Howard in martial arts
Kim and Billy become body swaped
Tommy is introduced and turned evil (1)
Jason fights Goldar in the Dark Demension (2)
Introduction of Scorpina (3)
Tommy revealed to be Evil Green Ranger (4)
Tommy becomes good (5)
Baboo & Squatt make their own monster
Zack's Arachnophobia
Kim's floral float design for a parade
Halloween costume party
Jason & Tommy struggle with working together
Rumpelstiltskin play
Rangers must face their worst fears (1)
Rangers must face their worst fears (2)
Mirror of Destruction
Kim's day goes from bad to worse
Tommy tries out Martial Arts commercial
Angle Grove High Talent Show
Tommy's Powers begin to drain (1)
Tommy loses his Green Ranger Powers (2)
1st use of Red Ranger w/ Dragon shield
The rangers work together to help tidy the city
Power Ranger doppelgangers
'Power Rangers Day (1)
'Power Rangers Day (2)
The Rangers plant trees in the park
An animal drive to find homes for strays
Billy must overcome his ichthyophobia
Rangers win the grand prize at the Oddball Games
The Rangers are stripped of their self-confidence
Jason & Kim find a lost dog
Angel Grove High prepares a time capsule
Trini learns a new style of Kung Fu
Rita kidnapps the Rangers parents (1)
Tommy returns (2)
Billy recieves his first 'B'
Jason & Tommy begin a women's self defence class
Zack teachs magic to some day camp kids
Kim competes on a game show
Jason & Zack help a young friend make Ernie's soccer team
Rita's monster turns Jason & Tommy into enemies
Kim helps her cousin make the cheerleading squad
Tommy tries out for a new sport
Rita attempts to create her own evil Power Rangers
Zack wants to impress Angela & gets her pearl earrings

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