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How well do you know the 1985 cult classic Return To Oz?

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Which actress starred as Dorothy in her very first film role?
What magic substance brings Jack and the Gump to life?
What food does Dorothy get from the Lunch Pail Tree?
How many beautiful heads has Mombi collected?
What does Dorothy discover on the farm that makes her believe something's wrong in Oz?
Tick Tock is programmed to do everything except what?
What does Dr. Worley believe will 'cheer Dorothy up'?
If a living being touches the Deadly Desert, what do they turn into?
What kind of food does the Nome King serve?
What kind of drink does the Nome King serve?
In the sanitarium, its noted that it will soon be a holiday. Which holiday is coming up?
Who has Mombi trapped in an Enchanted Mirror?
Dorothy is accompanied by a chicken this time around, what is her name?
What did the Nome King use to conquer the Emerald City?
When people from Oz are turned into ornaments, what color are they?
What hasn't Dorothy been able to do ever since the tornado?
Where are damaged patients at the sanitarium being held?
What has the Nome King turned everyone in the Emerald City into?
Which creatures are Mombi's servants and the guards of the ruined Emerald City?
Who is Ozma the mother of, and Dorothy a mother figure to?
Which of Dorothy's old friends has the Nome King kidnapped?
When Dorothy and Ozma escape the sanitarium, what are they caught in?
What type of furniture is the Gump attached to?
Dorothy wore a white and blue dress in the 1939 film- her dress in Return To Oz is white and what color?
What is poisonous to nomes?

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