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What type of stone is in the Salvatore rings
What University did Alaric attend?
In what year were the Salvatore brothers turned into vampires?
What color was Elena's dress in the Miss Mystic competition?
Who was Rose's best friend?
In what year was Katherine turned into a vampire?
Whose vampire blood did Katherine have in her system that caused her to turn into a vampire?
How many siblings are in the family of Originals?
Name two Originals.
Where does Jeremy find Elena's diary?
In which city did Damon find Isobel?
What is the name of the witch that Damon and Elena see in Georgia?
Where did Mason Lockwood hide the Moonstone?
Where does Isobel die?
In Bachelor Raffle, Damon is which bachelor number?
Who stakes Logon Fell?
Who stakes Vicki Donovan?
What is the name of the Miss Mystic contestant that Stefan bites?
Which decade did Klaus say he prefers over the 60's?
What is the name of the witch that breaks the curse for Klaus?

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