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Can you name these TV shows, often considered among the worst of all time?

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Steven Bochco co-created this bizarre mix of a police procedural and a musical; its cast broke character during the Randy Newman theme song.Sep. 26, 1990
This sitcom dealt with V.I.C.I. ('Vicki'), an android in the form of a 10-year-old girl, who tried to live incognito with the Lawson family despite their prying neighbors.Sep. 7, 1985
On this one-off UK game show, nudists competed in an assault course, and even presenter Keith Chegwin showed full frontal nudity; it was condemned by critics and Parliament.Jun. 6, 2000
Teri Copley played a maid hired by two male roommates, a trite odd couple; cut after a season, it was recast for syndication but axed again after one season.Sep. 8, 1983
Though it lasted seven seasons on HBO, this Robert Wuhl sitcom about a sports agent was panned by critics, ranging from Entertainment Weekly to ESPN.Aug. 10, 1996
The UK original was a hit, but this US remake was yanked after four episodes; it was deemed to endorse promiscuity, and NBC's own CEO admitted that it 'just sucked.'Sep. 25, 2003
Only one episode of this Heather Graham series was allowed to air; it was based on a Carrie Gerlach novel about a self-help author with bad luck dating.Jan. 9, 2006
Its title character was a cowardly, philandering knight played by Jimmy Edwards; axed after six episodes, it's considered one of the worst British sitcoms ever.Jul. 15, 1973
Actress Lindsay didn't participate in this nine-episode reality show about her family's efforts to break into show biz; Slate called it a 'big exploitative mess.'May 26, 2008
Kathie Lee Gifford starred in this musical sitcom about a rustic family owning a truck stop restaurant; it was the failed spin-off of a successful cornball variety show.Sep. 9, 1978
After two failed pilots, the third version of this Updike adaptation finally aired in 2009, but it met mixed reviews and its cancellation was announced after six weeks.Sep. 23, 2009
The 43rd US President and other politicos were portrayed as kids in this cartoon with incongruous musical interludes; it was panned as crass and too late to be topical.Jun. 13, 2007
In this British game show, players who failed challenges triggered loud alarms that frightened a giant robotic rabbit; points were awarded in the form of plastic carrots.Apr. 23, 2011
Despite a cast including Nathan Lane and Meg Ryan, this sitcom about two senior citizens living with two college roommates lasted only three months.Jan. 23, 1982

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