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Can you name the answers to some hard Scrubs trivia?

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Who Plays JD?
Who Plays Dr. Perry Cox?
What is JD's Middle Name?
What is Dr. Perry Cox's Middle Name?
What is JD's Son's First Name?
What is JD's Son's Middle Name(s)?
What Was JD and Turk's Car's Name?
What Was JD's Scooter's Name?
What Was the Name of JD, Turk, and Carla's 'Motorcycle Gang'
How Did Laverne Die?
Who's Ghost Follows Dr. Cox Around (Not Ben)
What is Colonel Doctor's Real Name?
Is Carla Puerto Rican or Dominican?
What is the Name of the Hospital in Which JD Works?
What is the Janitor's Real Name?
Which Disease Causes Urine to Turn Purple When Exposed to UV Lights?
Who Was JD's First Girlfriend?
How Many Finger's Does the Janitor's Imaginary Wife Have?
What Movie Does JD See the Janitor in?
Which of the Nine Season's has the Fewest Episodes?
Which Character is Played by Bill Lawrence's Wife?
What Was the Original (Pre-Scrubs) Name of the Hospital in Which Scrubs is Filmed?
Which Disease Causes A 'Gold Ring' To Form Around the Iris?
What Television Show Filmed Part of an Episode in the ICU of the Scrubs Hospital?
How Many Episodes Total are in Scrubs?
What Kind of Girl-Scout Cookie Does JD Buy from Death's Daughter?
During Which Season of Scrubs Was Ted's Band Meant to Become the Official Soundtrack
What 'Sport' Did JD Play in High School?
Who Said This Line? 'A Drunk Clown Hurt Me Once'
What Does the Janitor Pray Crazy-Eyes-Margo Will Find?
What Was the Name of the Janitor's 'Brother'?
Who is Married to Enid?
What is Doctor Kelso's Dog's Name?
What Does Ted Lose to Doctor Kelso's Dog?
Which Scrubs Episode Title is a Pun on the Medical Name for a Heart Attack?
What Disorder does Doctor Kevin Casey Have?
What Did Jill Tracy Die of?
What Disorder Does JD Have?
What Disease Affects Both One of Dr. Cox's and One of JD's Patients, but Only Kills JD's?
In Which Episode Did Colin Hay Follow JD and Sing?

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