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Can you name the NBA players by their info?

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He has 4 ASG MVP's, is a 2 time Scoring Leader and has 11 All-NBA first team invites
He won an MVP and is a 4 time scoring leader before switching teams and winning a championship and a Finals MVP
He was the 2nd best player on a Championship team, has 1 ASG MVP and is currently on the Celtics
After a finals lost, this player came back 5 years later winning his team the 1st ring they ever got, and the only one they currently have
An NBA Hall of Famer that was the steals leader once and won multiple rings
A 6-8 shooting guard that has 7 ASG appearences and a MIP award
Was drafted 3rd overall, won 6th man of the year and made a finals appearance before getting traded and becoming a superstar
Made the All-rookie 1st team, won a finals MVP but only has 1 ASG appearance
Was drafted 1st overall, as a 6-3 point guard before getting injured
An international player, that made 8 ASG's while going to the hall of fame
7 time scoring leader, 4 time MVP this player left with as a hall of famer
1 ASG MVP, 1 MVP, 5 time ALL NBA 1st TEAM and currently works with another retired basketball center
A 2 time MVP and 5 time assists leader this International player ended up with Kobe
Part of the best offensive duo of all time, ended up in Boston
3 rings, 3 MVPS, 3 All Defensive 2nd teams and a rookie of the year
5 time champion rookie of the year, but no Scoring titles
Played only 14 seasons but ended with 1 Finals MVP, 1 ASG MVP and a hall of famer. Also famous for the mascot of the NBA.
2 time MVP, was a Jazzer and a Laker
Won 2 rings wearing the number 6 and won another ring wearing another number, has 2 ASG MVP's
Sucks so much, but won 6 Finals MVP's, 5 MVPS 5 Rings, 10 Scoring titles, 3 steals leader, 10 ALL NBA 1st team...

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