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Can you name the Random Pokemon Moves III?

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Type/ DamageMoveEffect
Dragon /130 DamageLowers your SpA by 2 stages
Normal/ -Chooses any game at random
Rock/-Makes your opponent get damaged when they switch
Bug/ 120No addition affect
Electric/ 6510% flinch and 10% paralyze
Dark/ 8020% flinch
Grass/-Protects the user. if opponent attacks they receive damage
Fairy/ 9010% to lower attack by a stage
Type/ DamageMoveEffect
Dark/-Does damage for each of your Pokemon with no status or is fainted and calculating attack
Normal /200User faints
Normal/-Makes it and your ally happier. (Only works in doubles)
Ice/ 8530% flinch
Steel/-More damage the slower you are to your target
Psychic/ 80Special move that attacks physically
Poison/ 8030% poison

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