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Who is the author of the Lord of the Rings trilogy?
Rings are a staple item in which game series?
'If you liked it then you should have put a ring on it' are lyrics from which song?
Wedding rings usually contain which precious stone?
Which finger that comes after your ring finger?
This device makes a ringing noise to alert you
The Ring of Fire is located in where?
'Ring of Fire' is also a song by who?
The nursery rhyme, 'Ring Around the Rosie' describes what, according to urban legend?
This highly venomous octopus has rings of which color?
Ring Man is a villain from which game series?
The ring above an angel's head is called what?
Which console does the Red Ring of Death appear on?
After watching the videotape in The Ring (2002), the viewer dies after what period of time?
Which DC superhero draws power from a ring?

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