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Where can the AER14 Prototype be found?
What is the name of Chomps Lewis's daughter?
What is the name of the unique Minigun?
What rather fitting weapon does Motor-Runner use?
What is the name of the casino in Primm?
What faction does Antony belong to?
Who founded the State of Utobitha?
What was the name of the fourth courier?
What does the 'A' in the acronym 'SPECIAL' stand for?
What is the name of the unique Evolved Centaur?
Where can the Legendary Fire Gecko be found?
How many Radscorpion Queens are there in the Mojave Wasteland?
What unique weapon can be obtained after presenting 50 Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle caps to Festus?
State one location in which you can find a snow globe.
What is the name of the skill book that permanently increases the player's Speech skill?
What perk provides you with 30 additional health points?
What ammunition type does the Anti-Material Rifle use?
The perk 'Enhanced Sensors' can be acquired by having which companion with you?
What rank is Dead Sea?
What is the only food product that requires Deathclaw Eggs?
What is the name of the skill magazine that temporarily increases the player's Survival skill?
What is the name of the friendly Mole Rat in Sloan?
What is the name of the motel in Novac?
To craft Stimpaks, how high does your Science skill have to be?
What unique weapon can be found in Ruby Hill Mine?
What is Boone's first name?
What is the name of the head chef in the Ultra-Luxe?
With a Barter skill of 25, what can be received from Chet during the 'Ghost Town Gunfight' quest?
What do Nightkin suffer from as a direct result of overusing Stealth Boys?
What faction was Edward Swallow affiliated with prior to becoming 'Caesar'?
What is the name of The King's right hand man?
What is Raul's surname?
In which vault can both the Pulse Gun and the All-American be found?
How many bottle caps are needed to pass the credit check?
Name one weapon which is affected by the Pyromaniac perk.
What is the Q-35 Matter Modulator a unique variant of?
What is the name of Lindsay's teddy bear?
Which addictive chem can be used to restore crippled limbs?
What is the name of Cook-Cook's favourite Brahmin?
What is the name of the former Enclave Captain?

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