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Can you name these Star Wars-related names and words with double letters?

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A desert planet located in the Galaxy's Outer Rim Territories
A Hutt gangster and crime lord, Father of Rotta
An annual podrace, held in and around the Grand Arena in Mos Espa
A bountiful planet in the Mid Rim, home to the Gungan species
Senator ___ Palpatine
Wookiee warrior, partner of Han Solo
Forest planet, homeworld of the Wookiee species
Light freighter used by Han Solo
Baron Administrator of Cloud City and Rebel Alliance general
Kadas'sa'Nikto male mechanic who served as a member of Team Fireball on the Colossus
Star Wars: Episode II – ___ of the Clones
Actor who played Luke Skywalker
A multi-tentacled alien beast, who inhabits the Great Pit of Carkoon
Bounty hunter, son of Jango
Sith Lord Darth Tyranus, Count of Serenno
Actor who played old Obi-Wan Kenobi

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