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Can you name the What Characters did the Actors of American Horror Story play?

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Number of SeasonsActorCharacter Names
6Billie Dean(1), Lana(2,6), Cordelia(3), Bette and Dot(4), Hypodermic Sally(5), Audrey Tindall(6)
6Nora(1), Mary Eunice(2,4), Misty(3), Aileen Wuornos(5), Shelby Miller(6)
6Tate(1), Kit(2), Kyle(3), Jimmy(4), Mr. March(5), Rory Monahan
5Old Moira(1), Angel of Death(2), Myrtle(3), Gloria(4), Mama Polk (6)
5Larry(1), Spaulding(3), Stanley(4), Liz Taylor(5), William van Henderson
4Constance(1), Jude(2),Fiona(3), Elsa(4)
4Marie Laveau(3), Desiree(4), Ramona(5), Monet Tumusiime (6)
4Madame Lalaurie(3), Ethel(4), Iris(5), Agnes Mary Winstead (6)
3Violet(1), Zoe(3), Sophie Green (6)
3Dandy(4), Tristan Duffy(5), Jether Polk (6)
3Edward Mordrake(4), John(5), Dylan (6)
3Addie(1), Nan(3), Marjorie(4)
3Alicia Spencer(3), Rita Gayheart(4), Ms. Evers(5)
2Chad(1), Dr. Thredson(2)
2Madison(3), Maggie(4)
2Queenie(3), Regina(4)
2The Axeman(3), Massimo Dolcefino(4)
Number of SeasonsActorCharacter Names
2Ben(1), Johnny(2)
2Young Moira(1), Kaylee
2Millie(3), Penny(4)
2Infantata(1), Meep(4)
2Hans Gruper(2,4)
2Will Drake(5), Sidney James(6)
2Sally Freeman(1), Lee Harris(6)
2Shelley(2), Alex(5)
1Dr. Arden(2)
1Monsignor Howard(2)
1Matt Miller(6)
1Dominic Banks(6)

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