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Last Hoenn Pokémon programmed.
Looks like Pokéball
Highest level catchable Pokémon
Pokémon with no weaknesses (not counting abilities)
Pokémon with the most 1/4 resistances
The only pure-Flying type.
Needs highest (so far) level to evolve.
The most resistant Pokémons
The only legit Pokémon with No. 000
The least resistant Pokémon
Hardest non-legendary Pokémon to catch
First Pokémon programmed.
It can be any type.
Highest level NPC Pokémon
Easiest legendary Pokémon to catch
In Generation V, its ability is useless in one of its forms.
The only legendary than can breed
Evolves twice via trading
Goes slowest through single evolutionary stage.
Weakest Pokémon (in terms of base stats)

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