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a group that seeks to elect candidates to public office by supplying them with a label—a “party identification”—by which they are known to the electorate.
also called third parties. They are parties that run along side the main two parties
Minor parties resulting from a split in the major parties, usually over the dislike of the major party’s presidential candidate.
this party is usually based of region, especially involving farmer that protest again depressed economic conditions. These parties only stick around until after their issue is reso
The seek and single policy, that is usually stated in the name of the party and they do not take into consideration of other issues.
This party professes a comprehensive view of American society and govt. that i radically different from that of the established parties. Most have been Marxist in outlook but some
Meeting of party followers in which party delegates are selected. Only the most devoted partisans attend the caucuses of their respective parties.
opposed to heavy emphasis on patronage; feared immigrants being organized into machines; wanted to take unpopular stances on issues to create reform.
Divisive stance on issues based on region. It caused major tension in the 1800s because of the issue of slavery, which ultimately caused a civil war.
Party leaders and elected officials who become delegates to the national convention without having to run in primaries or caucuses. Part rules determine the percentage of delegate
Drawing the boundaries of political districts so that districts are very unequal in population
Drawing the boundaries of political districts in bizarre or unusual shapes to make it easy for candidates of the party in power to win elections in those districts
An increase in the votes that congressional candidates usually get when they first run for reelection
Funds solicited from individuals, corporations, and unions that are spent on party activities, such as voter-registration campaigns and voting drives, rather than on behalf of a sp
A committee that raises and spends campaign contributions on behalf of one or more candidates or causes. Usually created by corporations, labor unions, or special interest groups
Spending by political action committees on political matters that is done directly and not by giving money to a candidate or party.
The tendency of lesser-known or weaker candidates to profit in an election by the presence on the ticket of a more popular candidate.
a vote cast by a person who does not like either candidate of an election and selects the lesser of the evils presented
matters on which rival parties are distinguished by the degree to which the parties are associated with conditions, goals, or symbols the electorate universally approves or disappr
a question raised in an election that divides the candidates as well as the voters. Party realignments can be rooted in position issues, civil rights serving as a prime example
Individuals or groups representing other organizations
The sense of pleasure, status, or companionship arising from group membership
money, things, or services obtainable from interest group membership
Backing for a public policy that arises or is created in public opinion
The practice of lobbying officials with such promises as employment after their government service
A signal to a member of Congress that identifies which values are at stake in a vote
the sense of satisfaction derived from serving a cause from which one does not benefit personally
an assessment of a representative's voting record on issues important to an interest group
A list, compiled by an environmental interest group, of those legislators who voted most frequently against its measures
organizations that attract members mostly by the appeal of their broad, controversial principles

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