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Something of value they cannot get without joining
THe sense of pleasure, status, or companionship that arises out of meeting together in small groups
Monday, or things and services readily valued in monetary terms
The appeal of their stated goals to recruit membesr
Organizations that attract members by appealing to their interest in a coherent set of controversial principles
A political organization that stated goals of which will principally benefit nonmembers
A widely shared demand for change in some aspect of the social or political order. It may have liberal or conservative goals
A Signal telling a congressional representative what values are at stake in a vote, who is for, who is against a proposal, and how that issue fits into his or her own set of politi
An assessment of representative's voting record on issues important to an interest group. Such ratings are designed to generate public support for or opposition to a legislature.
An interest group organized to influence government decisions, especially legislation. To lobby is to attempt to influence such decisions.
organizations that gather information on consumer topics
The solicitation of funding through letter campaigns
A list, compiled by an environmental interest group, of those legislators who voted most frequently against its measures
Lobbyist working closely w/ a few key members of congress, meeting them privately to exchange information and sometimes favors
plan increasingly used by lobbyists with advent of modern technology and employing grassroots lobbying
The practice of lobbying officials with such promises as employment after their government service
groups that can collect political donations and make campaign contributions to candidates for office
Backing for a public policy that arises or is created in public opinion
The situation that arises when a government agency services as well as regulates a distinct group
Its application restricted to lobbying efforts involving direct contacts with members of Congress
Decides which broadcasters shall be licensed and on what terms
A loose coalition of independent unions (plumbers, steelworkers, coal miners) and some large unions
Group made up of Union veterans of the Civic War. Received quarter of a billion dollars from Govt
Paid county agents who would esrve the needs of farmers under the supervision of local farm organization to form...
Represents southern textile mills
Speaks for most institutions of higher education
Represents local mass-transit systems
Argues on behalf of county governments
A group 30 million strong offering members from low-cost life insurance and mail-order discount drugs to tax advice and group travel plans
An organization of various Protestant denominations claiming several million members

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