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Forced Order
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What city did Caleb move to
What is the name of Spencer's Sister
How old was alison when she disappeared
Whose cabin did maya crash at ?
Who didnt get accepted into UPEN
Who was Spencer's Step Brother ?
Who was Hanna's evil Step Sister
Who moved into Ali's room ? (temporairly)
Who caught mike attempting to steal from their home ?
Who Blinded Jenna ?
What animal was Tippy ?
What fake name did Aria used to visit Maggie
What was the name of Ezra's kid ?
Who was hanna's boyfriend in season 1
Who had a tattoo of 901 Free At Last
What did spencer pawn , so she could get enough money for toby's truck
What sport was emily a part of ?
What was hanna's cruel nickname ?
What was emily's boyfriend's name is season 1
What was the name of the Liar's therapist
What is Spencer's last name
Who was Emily's first girlfriend ?
Who is torturing the girls ?
What is Hanna's mother's name
Who was Melissa's first husband ?
What was the chosen name for their child ?
Who was found out to be -A in season 2
What weapon did Garret used to 'FAKE' kill Alison
In what season did we find out Ali was still alive
Who plays the characterof Hanna Marin

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