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Can you name the uncommon Harry Potter spells?

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DescriptionSpell NameWhen Used
Reveals invisible inkUsed by Snape when Marauder's Map was found
Makes object repel outside forcesUsed by Hermione to protect Harry's glasses from water
Glues victim's tongue to the roof of their mouthUsed by Harry on Peeves
Creates a blindfold over victim's eyesUsed by Hermione on Phineas Nigellus Black's portrait
Makes victim's legs dance uncontrollablyUsed by Draco on Harry while dueling
Causes steps to become a slideUsed by Hermione to escape Death Eaters
Creates a bandage and a splintUsed by Lupin on Ron's broken leg
Opens secret Honeyduke's passagewayUsed by Harry to sneak into Honeyduke's
Locks a door from any MugglesUsed by Hermione in theDepartment of Mysteries
Launches small objectsUsed by Lupin to launch gum into Peeves' nose
Causes caster's wand to point northUsed by Harry in the third Triwizard Tournament task

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