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Can you name the spells, curses and charms from Harry Potter?

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Summons an object
Water emerges from tip of wand
Unlocks Doors
Reveals invisible ink
Killing Curse
Birds fly out of wand
Protects an area
Makes doors seal themselves
Causes the target to explode
Causes confusion on the target
Torturing Curse
Makes things dissapear or vanish
Causes teeth to grow abnormally large
Cuts an object
Opens or reveals secret passages
Heals people
Makes things dissapear
Repels Dementors
Disarms Opponent
Turns creatures into chalices
Creates a sling
Hides a secret in someone
Finishes a spell
Marks whatever pointed at with an X
Makes items burn you when they are touched
Causes boils to apear on targets face
Multiplies things when touched
Turns a werewolf back into a person
Slows down an attacking opponent
Repels water
Produces Fire
Makes moving objects immobile
Complete control spell
Hangs the target upsie down in the air by the ankles
Undoes he above spell
Makes an object move
Leg-locking curse
Produces a light from the tip of the wand
Moves Objects
Moves ghosts that can't move themselves
Produces a dark mark
Makes other people not be able to hear a conversation because of unidentifiable buzzing
Counters Lumos
A very powerful memory charm which causes a person to forget everything
Produces flowers
Full body bind spell
The incantation used to make the wand act as a compass and point north
Makes the item pointed at a portkey
Makes the wand identify the last spell produced by it through a ghost-like image
Protects from harmful spells
A spell used to lower your voice
Decreases the size of something
Blasts objects out of the way
Causes a person or thing to release anything they are holding or bounding, or, if used underwater, sends a jet of boiling water
Repairs things
Repels against muggles around the designated area
Tickling charm
Turns a boggart into whatever a person is thinking of
A protection charm
Cleans things out
Makes deep cuts in the skin
Makes a snake emerge from the tip of the wand
Makes all noise cease
Amplifies your voice
Powerful stunning spell
Makes a persons legs uncontrollably dance
That cleans something off
Shoots out a wad of gum out
Floats objects into the air

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