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What is the epidemic that killed hundreds of players? (Started from Zul'Gurub)
What is the Human Capital?
What is one of the pets you can buy for $10?
What is the other?
The dungeon with Edwin Van Cleef as the main boss.
What is the name of the quest that lets you recieve the secret Westfall Chicken pet?
The Beer-Loving holiday is called...
The device that transports people underground from Stormwind to Ironforge is called...
The once human capital of the undead is called...
That is the name of the 'shroom loving spore-people of Zangarmarsh?
What television show (cartoon) made fun of World of Warcraft? (Hint, airs on Comedy Central)
What was the fictional weapon of ulitmate weapon from the episode of the before-mentioned show?
What infamous noob killer is found in Elwyn Forest?
What is the name of the dumbest W.o.W. player ever? ( Hint, says his own name a lot)
What is the name of the Lich King's Sword?
The shortest current playable race is...
What feline mount can you obtain from the Trading Card Game?
What is the name of the Simpsons episode that makes fun of World of Warcraft and other MMORPGs?
According to World of Warcraft mythology, which race is supposedly the oldest?
Which race changed their name to a more gruesome name as a way to remember their fallen brothers?

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