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The great thing about the _______ isn't beating the games, it's showing everyone online that I did.
The official premium 4chan access level.
Loli turns into cat, but unfrtunately for loli....
Someone set up us the bomb.
The only form of recourse when you have lost your iPod.
We are legion.
It's awwwwright
Tap Z or R twice.
The hottest new game for the NES, now for pre-order at GameStop.
I got in one little fight and my mom got scared...
The only protection against Anonymous (besides curtains).
No you are a plane you can't work in an office you don't even fit
Say his name and he will kidnap you.
Every Saturday is a day for posting cat pictures on /b/.
He watches you masturbate.
Why don't you take a seat right over here?
He already took this quiz infinity times. Twice.
Grinman likes to grin.
Problem, officer? :3
Now where have I seen this post before....?
Is a lie.
Rozen Maiden.
Wilford Brimley makes a lot of money selling testing supplies.
A strange phallus-shaped creature with a butt.
Don't even think of making a blank post on 420chan.
Do not ever do this on your calculator, or you may break the universe.
The opposite of doing it correctly.
Check them out!
Quack quack!
Hey guys, I'm NOT going to fail today!
It's a locomotive, NOT a train.
Aw jeez, this AGAIN?
A mouth full of cigarettes.
I guarantee it.
When Michael Jackson died....
Spiderman doesn't know.....
This is what you say after a great fap.
Cell is often seen doing this....
They blow up yellow vans for fun.
Admiral Ackbar.
Not a meme, never will be.
I herd u liek them.
This may explain why you can't find your bicycle.
He gives his seal of approval to children.
Always be careful to avoid AIDS in your swimming areas.
Step 2: ?????
The Jurassic God died for your sins.
Oh damn, you sent me to that YouTube video of the guy singing again.
Still doesn't have any effect in a sticky.
My name is John, and I hate every single one of you.
This an X; it is made of Y and Z.
Wow, 2M GET was exciting!
Spartans often eat here after a long battle.
I'll show you later.
Luigi's creepy sibling.
We put a car in your car so you can drive while you drive.
Cats and fire don't mix.

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