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The first known paper was produced. The central pulp of papyrus reed was split, dried and glued together.3250BC
The Greeks united under the command of Agamemnon to attack Asia minor. This city besieged for a lengthy period before submitting to the Greeks.1184BC
Phoenicians founded a colony, The colony would soon overshadow the homeland and become an important world power in its own right.814BC
The Capture of this city brought an end to the Assyrian Empire612BC
Xerxes who seceded Darius vowed to revenge his father's defeat by renewing the attacks on Greece. He led 150,000 soldiers and 700 naval ships against Greece's 10,000 men.(Hint Brave 300) 480BC
Caesar led Roman troops across the Straits of Dover for a short reconnaissance mission into this country55BC
The Goths inhabited this peninsula. Much of what is known about this country has been taken from the epic 'Beowulf', written in 700 A.D.500AD
Hagia Sophia Cathedral Built in this modern day city537AD
Charles Martel, defeated a Muslim expedition led by Adb-el-Rahman across the Pyrenees. 732AD
This Country annexes Iceland and Greenland1262AD
The Black death began here and went north throughout europe1347AD
Le Thanh-ton leading the Kingdom of Annam captured Vijaya the capital of the Cham in this modern country1471AD
King Charles V of this country gave him a fleet of five ships. Magellan sailed around the world.1519AD
Sebastian, the King of Portugal leads an army to restore the deposed sultan of this country. At the Battle of Alcazarquivir they annihilated the Portuguese army.1578AD
After Cromwell’s victory over Charles I he took his New Model army to this country to subdue it from fighting the British1649AD
After defeating a 5,000 man army sent by Napoleon, this country declared a Black Republican government. All slaves were freed and all whites that did not flee were killed.1794AD
The United States marines fought the pirates of the Barbary coast. The pirates demanded that tribute for safe passage. 1812AD
The earthquake, which caused its worst damage in the fire that raged in its aftermath, killed over 1,000 people. About 250,000 people were made homeless, and property damage1906AD
After 10 years of work, and at a cost of $366 million, and six thousand dead workers this was completed1914AD
The battle began in February, when the Germans had amassed 1,400 guns. The Germans made a determined attempt to break through they were pushed back.1916AD
They had spurned the British offer of autonomy within the British Empire. They demanded complete independence. After the Second World War, the British agreed to independence.1942AD
On October 4th, this country launched the first satellite, sputnik, into space. The satellite, with a diameter of 22 inches, marked the beginning of the space age.1957AD
Elections held in December brought Patricio Aylwin to power as President of this nation. The world held its breath, but the military dictator, Augusto Pinochet, stepped aside. 1989AD
Osama Bin Laden had based his operations in this country since 19962002AD
On January 20th 2009 President Obama was inaugurated the 44th President of the Untied States. Close to 2 million packed the mall in this city 2009AD

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