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First written alphabet 3500 BC
Minoans begin to establish their kingdom2700 BC
Myceneans arrive in this country and begin the Heroic period1900BC
Escaping Egypt this slave population conquers their own land1240BC
this country established the Chou dynasty which became the longest-lasting dynasty in its history 1027BC
Its traditional founders were Romulus and Remus, said to be the son of a princess of Alba Longa. In truth, we know little about the actual founding of the city. 753BC
Nebuchadnezzar King of this country Takes Jerusalem588BC
The Army of Athens and its allies met the Persians on Plains about 22 miles from Athens490BC
Hannibal crossed these mountains with between 30,000 and 40,000 men, 6,000 horses and even elephants. Hannibal defeated the Romans in a battle at Cannae.218BC
Caesar was declared a public enemy by the Roman Senate for crossing this river48BC
Hadrian's Wall Was Built122AD
Shotoku issued a seventeen-article 'Constitution'.604AD
. On July 26th Tariq's army of 7,000 men defeated Roderick, the last King of the Visigoths at the Battle of Wadi Bekka.711AD
This kingdom defeated the Saharan Berber tribes of Lemtuna in 990. They also captured Audaghost, the Berber capital.990AD
The fourth crusade is led by this country, the crusaders are ALL excommunicated by the Church1202AD
Inca dynasty founded1438AD
Vasco de Gama from this country sails around Africa to India1498AD
Cape Town was founded by the surgeon of a Dutch ship- Jan van Reibeck. 1652AD
General Washington moved south and, together with French ground and naval forces, surrounded the British army, forcing its surrender and effectively ending the revolutionary war.1781AD
On May 24 1822, Antonio Jose de Sucre, Simon Bolivar's lieutenant, defeated the Spanish at the battle of Mount Pichincha, allowing this country to become independent 1822AD
After a non-Agression treaty Germany invades this Country1939AD
n April, students in Peking began a series of demonstrations demanding democratization1989AD
Free elections first held in this country Violetta Chamorro, owner of the opposition newspaper 'La Prensa,' led a broad spectrum of opposition to the Sandinistas. 1990AD
The United States led NATO forces in a successful air campaign against Yugoslavia. The campaigns aim was to force the Yugoslavs to withdraw their forces. Name the providence.1999AD
Russia re-invades a country going through domestic turmoil2008AD

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