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Until the year 1796 there was a state called ________ which eventually became a part of the state of Tennessee. The State of ________ was a part of Western North Carolina.
The United States Postal Service charged ______ to send mail until March 3, 1863
President Jimmy Carter was the 6th generation cousin of President ________________
Did you know Paul Revere designed George Washington’s ______________
The first coast to coast __________ was completed in 1914.
The first American Flag with 13 stars was designed with the stars in a ____ in the corner section. This was done so that no state would be seen as having greater power.
The United States armed forces were considered segregated until President _______ issued an Executive Order in 1948 commanding the integration of all armed forces of the U.S.A.
When the Pledge of Allegiance was first written (1892) and used in America it did not include the words ______. These words were added June 14, 1954.
The home of the President of the U.S. was once called the___________” and didn’t really become widely accepted as the “White House” until President Franklin Roosevelt had t
Income Tax began after the __________ to pay off national debt. It was discontinued in 1817. Then it was re-established in 1862 to pay for the cost of the Civil War.
There have been times where it was legal to _____ to get out of being drafted
____________ (who) received the right to vote for President in 1971.
The name_________ is based on a real man from Massachusetts named Sam Wilson.
The first American state to abolish slavery was in 1791.

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