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Can you name the Men and Women of America from A to Z?

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Wife of a President and Mother of AnotherA
The Greatest Show on Earth, Three Ring CircusB
Established Worlds largest Steel Corperation, Established 2500 librariesC
Pioneering the production of animated cartoons, received 29 Academy AwardsD
Philosopher and Poet known for Transcendentalism, also writer of 'Self Reliance'E
13th President of the United States, Signed into law the Compromise of 1850F
1st Basemen for the NY Yankees, Terminal illness named after himG
Actress nominated for 12 Academy Awards, Won multiple oscars including one for 'Morning Glory'H
Founded Hudson River School, Early Landscape painter, Painted 'The Coming Storm'I
Confederate general in the Civil War, Shot by his own troops after the battle of ChancellorsvilleJ
Overcame physical disabilities to become a champion of the Handicapped, Author and EducatorK
First Boxer to win titles in five different weight classes, Comeback after injury disrupted his careerL
Famous Anthropologist, Spent Years in the South Pacific contrasting values between cultures M
First Golfer to win all 4 Professional tournaments more than once, 'The Golden Bear'N
Physicist who supervised the development of the atomic bombO
Founder of one of the thirteen colonies, English Quaker who believed in 'Brotherly Love'P
VP under H.W. Bush, Unsuccessful bid for President in 2000Q
Courier for Massachusettes Committee of Coorespondence, Silversmith, Printed first currencyR
'Old Fuss and Feathers' Served 50 years in the US Army, Became a hero when he captured Vera CruzS
Governor of South Carolina, Originally a Democrat became a Republican, Dixie Crat 1948T
Won the NFL MVP 3 times, Star for the Baltimore ColtsU
Purchased his freedom from Slavery in 1800, Planned an uprising in SC which was discovered and he was hangedV
Published the first dictionary distinguishing American english from British, Founded Amherst College in MassachusettsW
Nation of Islam Leader, Assassinated before his 40th BirthdayX
Overtook leadership of religious movement from Joseph Smith, Salt Lake City Westward migrationY
Werewolves of London singerZ

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