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HintsBattle Name
Stonewall Jackson's Death, Lee's 'perfect battle', Rapidan River, Rebel Yell
William Prescott, Boston, Dr. Joseph Warren's death, 'The Whites of their eyes'
Rising Flag Memorial, Mount Suribachi, Prevent Tokyo bombing, 27 Medals of Honor issued
ARVN Marines, Viet Cong's 9th Division, helicopter gunship shot down, rubber plantation
Lord Cornwallis, surrounded, French Warships, second in command handed over sword
George S. Patton, Bastogne, Red Ball Express, Meuse River bridges
HintsBattle Name
Maryland Creek, Inspired Emancipation Proclamation, Dunker Church,The Bloody Lane
Operation Watchtower, Henderson Field, Plan to protect convoys, Strategic Allied victory
Pusan Perimeter, landing, General McArthur, 1st Cavalry Division
Crossing the Delaware, Christmas Day, Hessians, two American fatalities
George Gordon Meade,Pickett's Charge, Cemetery Ridge, three days
miscommunication, 350 planes, declaration of war, USS Arizona

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