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What is Ciel Phantomhive deceased Fathers first name?
Who is the retired grim reaper?
Who does Satoshi Hino voice?
Which character is a trader in opium?
Who says the quote 'I am simply one hell of a butler'
Who is the first female character to be on the front cover of the Manga series?
What Weapon does Grell Sutcliff Wield?
Which grim reaper finds demons disgusting creatures?
Who's previous occupation was maid of Henry Barrymore?
Who is Aleister Chamber nephew?
Which household of the Phantomhive Manor was originally a solider in an unknown war?
Who is the Prince of Bengal?
As Sebastian would say say who is 'an idiot with a bad memory'?
What is Madam Reds real name?
On Ciel's 10th birthday what was burned down?
Who Does Ash send to set most of London on fire?
Who Prevents Beast and Dagger getting close to the Manor by shooting at them through the window?

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