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LyricSong TitleCharacters
'I am Usnavi and you prob'ly never heard my name'Usnavi, Company
'Lots of tests, lots of papers.'Nina, Company
'Nina Rosario, the Barrio's best!'Benny, Nina
'Like a drunk Chita Rivera.'Vanessa, Usnavi, Sonny
'I'm proud to be your father, cuz you work so much harder, and you are so much smarter.'Kevin
'They say he has quite a big, taxi.'Daniela, Carla, Vanessa, Nina
'Damn, we're ony jokin. Stay Broke, then!'Usnavi, Benny, Sonny, Vanessa, Daniela, Carla, Company
'Mama needs a job, Mama says we're poor, one day you say, 'Vamos a Nueva York''Abuela Claudia, Company
'As I walked home from senior studies, i'd see you rappin with your buddies.'Nina, Benny, Company
'It's hotter than the islands are tonight.'Piragua Guy
'Relax? Que relax? I'm relaxed.'Company
'We are powerless.'Company
LyricSong TitleCharacters
'Well, how do you say kiss me?'Nina, Benny, Company
'It really said US Navy.'Abuela Claudia, Usnavi
'I'm Chile..Domini-curican!'Daniela, Company
'Abuela Claudia passed away, at noon today'Kevin
'They said a combination of the stress and the heat, why she never took her medicine, i'll never understand.Usnavi, Nina, Company
'You can tell its from the 80's by the volume of their hair.'Nina
'And Mr. Softee's truck has broken down!'Piragua Guy
'How do I get this gold **** off.'Vanessa, Usnavi
'When I'm all alone and I close my eyes'Benny, Nina
'HOME!'Usnavi, Company

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