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'Or a bad title, even? That could kill a show pretty good.'
'It's the oldest story - masses are oppressed, faces, clothes, and bladders all distressed.'
''Just this once' is once too much, cause once they've onced they'll want to once once more'
'You're making me blush now!'
'Roger Roosevelt kept a cup below his belt, cup ran over when he knelt.' 'He smelt.' 'We dealt.'
'Someday I'll meet someone whose heart joines with mine, aortas and arteries all intertwined.'
'Off in the distance there's a beautiful horizon.'
'Hasenpfeffer's in the air as the bunny gets the chair!'
LyricsSong Title
'Last night your words were like seeds, at first they seemed mild. They grew into deeds this riot's our child! '
“My heart is like a stallion racing through a great expanse, canyons of freedom that's where it will waltz, performing coronary somersaults!”
'A-Bing Bang Boom!'
'I'm simply layin' out the fact's for you, great big Cladwell's makin' tracks for you, ain't no time to relax for you”
'Wait a minute, you're just going to throw me off this roof and that's supposed to be Urinetown?! Death is Urinetown?!'
“A pickle in the brine. What did I say? That isn't what I meant. I've lost my sense of scent.'
'Those who made dough from debasing, need erasing, need the knife. Let their blood flow like Campari!'
“I'm the bunny this time 'round.”
'Hail Malthus!'

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