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What to countries conlonized in Africa?Mid-Europe
What does the word 'confederation' mean?Friends
What four countries were involved in the American Revolution?Europe
What fort resulted in killed General Montgomery and injuring Benedict Arnold?Canada
What Continental defeats lead to Washington taking up HQ in Valley Forge?Sharpshooters
What two places were the main scenes of the Battle of Saratoga?Farm..
Who did spain take over when they came to South America?2012 Calendar
When America bought Alaska from Russia what happened?$$$$$
What famous standoff did Russia and America participate in?Nucleur arms
Who fought in the battle in Trenton from Germany and America.War-like
How many farmers followed Daniel Shay in his rebellion?Current Millenia
When Montgomery and Arnold lead a campaign in Canada what two cities did they attack?Canada Capital
Where did Europe travel to for rice ect. during the 1400Korea, Japan, India ....
What did Land Ordiance 1785 do?West of Apps.
Who traveled to the carribians in the late 1400sSailed the ocean blue
What famous invasion took place on June 6.Omaha, Utah, Gold, Juno, Sword
How many stars were on America's first flag?teen
What fort was built by the French, taken by the British, and retaken again by the Americans?Green Mountain
What war did America fight in in Asia?DZ

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